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Tourism in Neyyattinkara

Thiruvananthapuram, a premium city in Kerala, is home to history, tradition, culture, nature and inevitably modern innovation. All this make the city of Trivandrum along the southwestern shoreline of Indian mainland a great destination for tourists near and around. Being home to various interesting attractions that range from beautiful hill stations to historical locations, various popular venues in Thiruvananthapuram serve as great options for indulging in exciting activities such as picnicking. One of these exotic locations around Trivandrum is the historic town of Neyyattinkara, which attracts the several tourists on their trip to Thiruvananthapuram. Tourists in Trivandrum usually do not prefer to miss a single day tour to Neyyattinkara for enjoying various activities and sightseeing. The weather in Neyyattinkara remains pleasant throughout the year and thus a short trip to this striking destination is enjoyable 12 months a year.


Location of Neyyattinkara

Positioned in the south of Thiruvananthapuram 20 kilometres away from the heart of this city, the historic town of Neyyattinkara is home to various interesting sites, most being ancient, and serves to be a amazing spot for picnics and one-day tours. It is a great feeling for the sightseers in the region to explore the old monuments sited at this pictorial town along the riverbanks of the Neyyar. Kara in Malayalam refers to the word ‘shore’ and thus Neyyattinkara means shore of the Neyyar River, which commences its course at Agasthyakoodam in the Western Ghats from its southern limits. 24-hour bus services are provided regularly along NH 47, which joins Neyyattinkara to Trivandrum.

Historical sites in Neyyattinkara

Many historic sites, some of which date back to the Neolithic period, prove the existence of Neyyattinkara even during the pre-historic era. The historical evidences that establish this fact are found at a short distance from the main town of Neyyattinkara in its northeast at Pandavanpara on the way to Kattakada. This area was formerly known as Thenganad prior to the reign of the Travancore king Marthanda Varma. The ancient sites in Neyyattinkara that are quite popular among the picnickers and sightseers and worth visiting include:

  • First library of Neyyattinkara – Njanapradayini
  • Vizhinjam Cave Temple of the Ay kings
  • Pandavanpara cave paintings of the Neolithic Period
  • Anantha Victoria Marthandan Canal of the British Era

Historical relevance of Neyyattinkara

Picnickers on their trip to Neyyattinkara do not usually miss to visit the centuries old Shree Krishna Swami Temple. The Sree Krishna Temple in Neyyattinkara is one of the most remarkable embodiments of ancient architecture in this part of India, its popularity as a tourist site being increased more and more over the years due to its association with the legend of Marthanda Varma, the Travancore ruler who built this temple in 1755. The time in history connected with struggle for independence against the British autonomy has been marked distinctly in Neyyattinkara with the birth of many freedom fighters and various rebellious deeds against the brutality of the English people. Mahatma Gandhi had also visited Neyyattinkara, the house where he stayed for a day is known as Madhavi Mandiram. A visit to this famous historic site along with a trip around the monument that is reminiscent of India’s struggle for freedom are enjoyed by most picnickers in Neyyattinkara.

Churches to visit in Neyyattinkara

Innumerable churches, most of these being the ancient ones, are situated across the entire town of Neyyattinkara. In fact there are CSI churches to be found in every locality of this historic city. The CSI Amaravila, which used to be popular as the Emily Chapel, is one of the earliest built churches in Neyyattinkara. The Emily Chapel was established in 1810 and till day it remains a major tourist attraction in Neyyattinkara drawing sightseers from all around.  Established in 1845 the CSI Thozhukkal is also an ancient church in this region Reverend John Cox being the founder of this historic church in Neyyattinkara. Evangelical Churches associated to Assemblies of God, Evangelical Church of India, Indian Pentecostal Church of God, Thomas Syrian Church and many other evangelical ministries dot the city of Neyyattinkara. For the picnickers to enjoy a fascinating trip across these historically notable religious sites in Neyyattinkara is a great option. These churches in Neyyattinkara as well as the Syro-Malabar Catholic Churches located here are worth exploring in order to be a part of the glorious past of India.


Religious sites in Kurishumala

The Vellarada Kurishumala, which is known widely as the Vellarada Holy Cross Hills, and the Bonacaud Kurishumala, admired near and far as the Bonacaud Holy Cross Hills, are the two most important religious sites located near Neyyattinkara. These Holy Cross Hills of Kurishumala are quite popular among the sightseers and holidaymakers in Thiruvananthapuram and the areas around. KSRTC buses ply regularly from Erattupetta to Neyyattinkara and Vellarada via Thiruvananthapuram, which make Vellarada and Neyyattinkara accessible from Trivandrum for the picnickers and vacationers in Kerala. 

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